COP26 Essentials

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COP26 is happening right now and it’s very important.

As most of you know, COP stands for “Conference of the Parties” and it is a global summit that brings together more than 100 countries from all around the world to find a way to fight climate change.

It is crucial we take action this decade, as the damage our planet risks is irreversible.

This 5 minutes video published in The Guardian is a very good demo of what is happening. You can click here if want to take a look at it.

Some of the topics discussed at COP26 are food waste, forest loss and the increase in CO2 emissions.

On Wednesday, world leaders promised to end world deforestation by 2030. This is huge! It concerns different nations, in particular Brazil. There, the biggest cause of forest loss is growing too much soybean to feed pigs and chickens who are grown in China and Europe. These pigs and chicken are then in turn consumed globally. One way to support this decision is to lower our consumption of meat. 

As for the increase in CO2 footprint, trees are one of our major defences in a warming world. They suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, acting as so-called carbon sinks. They absorb around one third of global CO2 emitted each year. That’s a lot.

So, planting trees is a sure-fire way to fight climate change.

Sir David Attenbourough said that ‘’one other way to decrease CO2 is by changing our approach to industry, construction and nature”. We should all start learning and finding new, eco-friendlier ways to do our activities.

One other crucial thing he mentioned is that “We must use this opportunity to create a more equal world, and our motivation should not be fear, but hope.” 

I agree with him and I think that hope and individual action to support our communities will  get us through.

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