Before you leave for summer holidays…

“Sharing is Caring”. I love this saying as it has such a deep meaning. It makes one think of one’s contribution to society and motivates him/her to take action.

Recently, I received a letter of appreciation from Cheshire Home, thanking us for donating 1,001 kg of organic produce during the period of Oct 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2021. This letter made me feel so happy.


One tonne ShiokFarmer, we have donated one tonne of organic fruit and vegetables to a home for disabled people. Thank you so much to all the members who decided to donate their bags during their holidays. You have made such an important contribution!

If you too are keen to donate your bags to Cheshire Home residents when you are going on holidays, please click here. Login and click on “Vacation Form” >> Fill out the form and for the last question choose “Donate to charity”.

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