Interview with our host | Pandan Valley

As you know, our Collection Points’ hosts are the pillars of our community. Thanks to their generosity, neighbours can pick up their bags once a week within a two hour window. We always encourage our members to become Hosts as this action really helps reduce carbon emissions. Indeed, a bit more than 9% of our carbon emissions are due to home deliveries, hence the more hosts, the less home deliveries, the less Co2 emissions. ????

Some collection points have hosts taking turns and some others have long term hosts. At ShiokFarm we really appreciate our hosts’ actions towards sustainability. 

Today I am sharing with you guys a discussion I had with Ludivine Mongiatti-Brouillard, our wonderful Pandan Valley host with the support of Irene. Ludi is also one of ShiokFarm’s team members. ???? 

????????‍????C: Ludi, tell us about your background.

????????L: Well, long story short, I am a French mother of 3 adorable kids. We have moved from one place to another for the past 20 years, haha. Singapore is the first city so far where my family has been staying for this long, 4 years now. We used to live in Africa, Middle East, Australia and now exploring South East Asia.

????????‍????C: Can you share something about your work?

????????L: Of course! So, I work for a fantastic company called ShiokFarm, and I am your Members Relationship Manager. To be honest, at ShiokFarm, the job is not limited to a title.  It is a small business where sometimes we just combine different duties. On Mondays I prepare orders, on Tuesday I go to the warehouse to pick & pack our members’ bags, on Wednesday I help with deliveries, etc. Each day is different from the previous one and I love this variety. I have also learned a lot from what the other team members are doing (procurement, logistics, etc.) and this makes working here even more interesting. We try, we learn, we improve, sometimes we fail, we learn, we try again, we target bigger goals. Always as a team. ????

????????‍????C: How and why did you join the ShiokFarm team?

????????L: One thing I like about Singapore is that expat networking will help you find interesting things. So, when my friend, one of ShiokFarm’s members, introduced me to ShiokFarm three and half years ago, I was very happy to find such a caring business here in Singapore. The concept and values at ShiokFarm were aligned with mine. I wanted to be part of the team and support the community and the farmers. And what was even more important to me was our kids: I wanted to do something good for their future.

????????‍????C: As one of our oldest hosts at ShiokFarm what do you think about our Collection Points?

????????L: It makes me feel happy that we have so many members that are keen to collect their bags from their nearest Collection Points. I think it is beneficial for everyone, especially to the environment. Members can save money on home deliveries, take short walks and be a part of the community. I started the Pandan Valley Collection Point as I saw a real need for it. Our members used to collect their bags at Holland Village, which is a bit far down the road.

????????‍????C: Nice! Seems like you enjoy helping others and making things easier for everyone. So, you said your values are aligned with ShiokFarm’s values. Tell us about that.

????????L: To me it is important that people understand how much our environment needs our support, else we can ruin all the natural resources that we have and never get them back. Working at ShiokFarm helps me reach out to many people and spread the word about eating healthy organic produce, feeding our kids with what our ancestors used to grow naturally in season, without GMOs nor chemicals. That’s why ShiokFarm supports farmers so much, so they can help us eat good produce instead of taking pills. 

As a mother, wife and daughter I really do care about this.

????????‍????C: And lastly, what is your favourite evolution of ShiokFarm over the past 6 years?

What do you think ShiokFarm could do in the next few years? Any suggestions?

????????L: I love how ShiokFarm has a much wider range of products than when I first started – we have doubled the amount of bags, created our top ups, and distributed olive oil, eggs and cheese! I would like us to offer an even wider range of products, making sure they came from sustainable and ethical sources of course.

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