It has been a voyage of connecting organic farmers with families in Singapore since 2015.

Hello and a warm welcome to ShiokFarm!

Our main objective is to let a maximum number of families in Singapore have access to nutritionally beneficial food. We think that nourishing meals supply energy to both body and soul, and that switching our dietary habits is crucial for our future.

Organic Products at an Affordable Cost

I was always positive that organic agriculture was the way to ensure sustainability. However, when I expected twins, I realised the pear I was feeding my eldest had cost $6… It was totally absurd to pay 3 x $6 = $18 to give one pear each to my children for their desert. I studied communities worldwide to find a way to make organic products more accessible.

Inspired by the French AMAP model of community-based agriculture, ShiokFarm came into existence. This system involves a group of families coming together and telling a farmer that they will buy all of their products. By being aware that their income is guaranteed, the farmers can offer prices that are very competitive. Consequently, families are able to obtain organic fruit and vegetables that are mainly grown nearby at an affordable price.

ShiokFarm organic fruit and vegetables tend to be about a 20% less expensive than the price of our competitors in Singapore! It is because we go directly from the farm to your table. If you want to read more about the cost comparison market studies we do, please click here.

By joining our program, you also allow an estimated 40% saving on food waste. Indeed, as the farmer knows what he has to grow, the food waste that usually happens with the wholesaler, importer, distributor and retailer do not happen as these intermediaries are not in the chain anymore. Eating what is available at the market is how the humanity has been feeding itself up until 50 years ago & it is sustainable for the environment.

We are bcorp certified. Our commitment to our community and the environment is evident in our actions – from eating locally grown food to growing edible trees and reducing, reusing, and recycling. This lifestyle is not only sustainable, it is essential for our future.
A Pledge..

We are dedicated to the betterment of our future.

The environment is our highest priority. We source organic produce mainly from Thailand, Malaysia and Australia (for what does not grow in Thailand). Our packaging is completely plastic-free – no plastic bags here.

Establishing and maintaining a strong bond with the farmers is one of our foremost goals. We make sure to pay visits often to guarantee that the quality and contentment of both parties stay at an optimal level.

Resulting in a Two-Way Street

The success of this initiative is due to the ongoing assistance of our Members. By becoming a member, a 40% decrease in food waste is achievable. This is possible because, since the farmer is aware of what needs to be produced, there is no need for an intermediary such as a wholesaler, importer, distributor or retailer, and the food waste that normally results from the process is avoided.

For centuries, humans have been nourishing themselves with the produce found at local markets, and this method of sustenance is both economical and eco-friendly.

As a social entreprise, supporting the community is very central to our mission. Since we started in 2015, we have donated more than 3 tonnes of organic fruit and vegetables to Cheshire Home for the Disabled. We also support Onesimus, a farm project that uses farming as therapy for the disadvantaged in Singapore. For Christmas 2017, Violaine, one of our members, worked with Martin from the Onesimus Café to make a roselle jam that we gifted to our customers. For Christmas 2018, we supported Fair Farms in Kep, Cambodia. They grow wonderful Kampot pepper that we gifted to our members for Christmas (you can now buy some from the “Our Dry Food” section). For Christmas 2019, we gifted chocolate made by the Wildness project, a wonderful initiative started by Marie Monmont who makes delicious organic chocolate in a kitchen where she trains disabled workers (check “Our Dry Food” section to buy your own). For Christmas 2020, everyone received a pot of organic coffee honey from Vietnam. In 2021, we baked 2000 biscuits ourselves that we gifted to our members. In 2022, we offered every single ones of our member a bottle of 250ml of our delicious Geraci olive oil. We always try to support the different companies we meet that have great projects.

important things to note
  • This program is a partnership between the members and the farmers
. The members commit to buy the full production of the farmer, in return of which the farmer gives us a really good price. To allow you to go on holidays, you can pause your deliveries for up to 8 weeks per year. You will still be charged, but your ShiokFarm account will be credited. You will be able to use your credits on our ShiokMarket. This way we truly support our farmers AND have the flexibility to go on holidays. You can also donate your bag to a charity (ShiokFarm supports Cheshire Home in Serangoon Gardens Way) or give it to a friend. Our website allows you to manage all this with a few clicks.
  • Deliveries happen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and at a given time (a two hours window). A ShiokFarm member hosts the Collection point and other members have to pick up their shares at that agreed time. If members’ schedule does not allow to be at the Collection point on time, we now offer home deliveries at an additional cost for your bags of organic fruit & vegetables.
  • We favor local agriculture and short supply chains (ie: most of our produces come from Thailand or Malaysia). Occasionally, we will top up our bags with certified organic produces coming from organic farms that are further away to allow more variety in our bags.
To choose your bag and become a Member, please click here.
To read our Members Guidelines, please click here.
Warm regards,
Claire & the ShiokFarm team

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